Age: 20

Gender: Female

Location: chicago il

Hometown/Where you grew up: austin tx!

Parents/Guardians: mom dad stepmom stepdad stepdad #2 (luv u all <3)

Number of siblings: 8 but none fully related all half n step

Sexual orientation: i <3 boi

Nationality/Race: white

Religion: idk dont really care????? hm

Martial status: ewwwWW!!!!! XD

Number of children: uh lol

Highest amount of education received/currently enrolled in: im tryin 2 get my BFA and BA VCS!!!

Profession: 2 young 4 dis (Dont pressure me)

Hobbies (not including anime): bloggin/google reader/school/BBM/decorating

How many years have you been an anime fan?: since i was 11 BUT i stopped from 15-18 so uhhhh 6 yrs total hehee



1. What was/is your family situation growing up? Now?
cRaZy i have lots of family which means lots of things that u wont get 2 know here >:^)

2. How would you describe your relationship with your parents/guardians?
n_~ <(wouldnt u like 2 know)!!! but shout out 2 my parents luv u even tho ur difficult!!!!

3. How would you describe your relationship with your siblings if you have any?
awesome they da bomb WHERE WOULD I BE WITOUT UUUU

4. Do/did your parents/guardians watch anime? Do/did they know what it is? Do/did they approve of your hobbies? How have their views changed over time?
lmao idk my dad really liked speed racer. i dont even think they know wut it is really/care

5. Do you have any family members you would describe as sexist? Racist?
ummm yeh maybe?? but not immediate family

6. Do you/did you live with parents after finishing your schooling?

7. Have you ever canceled social plans to watch anime? If you did were there any major repercussions?
no but i go into the other room and leave hamilton alone when i do it!! :(

8. Have you ever canceled anime plans to do something related to another hobby?

9. Have you ever tried to get your significant other/children/parents/siblings into anime? In what ways? Did it work?
YES i tried 2 make hamilton like naruto, etc and dat worked until episode like....10 but he only likes azu manga daioh n nothing else!!! frustrating lil pup.

10. How often do you watch anime with others vs. how much you watch on your own.
always on my own now T_T

11. How many close friends do you have?
my lil cuties luv u all

12. How have you met most of your friends?
schoool n acquaintances

13. How big is your social network?

14. How many friends have you lost over the years?
a lot sigh movin does dat so hard 2 keep in touch 4 me im horrible

15. How many nights a week do you go out/hang out with others?
2 many!!! i need 2 grow up ._.;;

16. Do you talk to a lot of people online? How close are your relationships vs. your in person ones.
a few!! just online friends ive known since i was in highschool every once in awhile but its da same as leaving highschool friends it kinda just catchin up etc.

17. Have you ever met a friend online and then in person? Did you stay friends? Did it change the relationship?
yeh but it was kinda coincidence! it was fun we still friends he goes 2 college wit my one of my best friends camille!!!!!

18. When you have personal problems who do you turn to?
lauren n hamilton n andrew babies

19. Do you consider yourself a leader in your group of friends?
yeh mostly cuz im obnoxious (or cool)

20. Have you ever set up your friends? Has anyone ever tried to set you up with a friend?
LOL yes set up but i rather die den let ne 1 set meup bc my standards are 2 high 4 those dummies

21. Has anyone close to you ever passed away?
._. biggest fear eep!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. What do you look for in a person when considering dating? Does whether or not they like anime factor in?
anime not a factor bc normally otaku males are dweebs!!!!!

23. Describe your ideal mate.

24. How many serious relationships have you been in? How long was the longest?
What was the best situation?

25. Have you ever been rejected? Have you ever rejected anyone? Did anime play into any of these scenarios?
omg imagine if anime played into either of these scenarios wtf!!!!!! hahahah X3

26. Have you ever been dumped? Have you ever dumped anyone? Did anime play into any of these scenarios?
dumped some1 but same thing as ^^

27. What is your Internet use daily? How often do you use it to converse? How often do you use it to converse with other anime fans?
uhhh a lot 4 school / making stuff/ program usage / facebook/ blogs/ etc etc etc ok JUST A LOT OK

28. Have you ever used an online dating service? Did you list anime in your profile?
lmao no

29. Have you ever dated someone you met online? How did you meet them online?

30. Have you ever been attracted to someone outside of your race?

31. Have you ever dated outside of your race? Was there any negative reaction from your family/friends?

32. Have you ever hit on anyone at an anime con?
i never been 2 one :(

33. Have you ever dated someone you met at an anime con?

34. Have you ever had a con-quest? (Also known as a hook-up at a convention.)

35. How much sexual experience have you had?

36. Are you sexual attracted to anime characters? What fetishes do you subscribe to?
not sexually but def crushes!!!! how could u not have a crush on uchiha itachi!!!!!! so dark n mysterious hehe

37. Do you have any fetishes you wouldn’t casually tell someone?
uhhh idk

38. Has your sexual orientation changed since you started watching anime? Are the two related?
no @_@

39. Have you ever been attracted to a character that was outside your norm? (i.e. you are a gay man but were attracted to female character.)
naw not really hehe

40. Have you ever watched anime while performing a sexual act?
1 day hehehe >:^)

41. Do you watch pornography? How much, if any, is anime?
not reallyYAWN boring rather watch ninjas

42. Have you ever watched porn/hentai in a group? With your significant other?
as a joke i guess???? @_@;;;

43. Have you ever role-played/cos-played during sex?

Self image

1. Have you ever identified yourself as an otaku online? To your friends? To your family? To your coworkers? Why or why not?
i dont think im otaku!! im 2 young in anime fan 2 be 1 one day i will evolve tho .

2. Have you ever been disgusted or ashamed of yourself as a fan? Of your fellow fans?

3. How much do you watch anime to escape reality?
uhh idk i mean i guess thats a part of it but not like the main reason

4. How have you changed as a fan since you have started watching anime?
yeh i liked kiddy stuff when i wasyounger (duh) and then got in2 kinda sad/emotional anime then funny kawaii moe stuff and now im gettin in2 action/mystical anime with comic relief on da side n_~

5. Were/are you part of any clubs/sports?
yeh (boring)

6. What type of student were/are you?
uh slacker i guess!!!!!! but now im a grown up and do it the grown up way

7. Did/do you enjoy going to school?
yes sometimes

8. Do you consider yourself smarter than the average person?
in some things yes in others no!!! XD

9. Do you consider yourself more personable than the average person?
yeh i really do actually n_n ~chu

10. Do you think you have any skills or talents that set you apart from others?
ummm im still developing these skills

11. Were/are picked on in school? Did/do you ever bully anyone?
internet bully

12. Describe your ideal job.
i would have 2 work in more spaces w/ more people 2 determine this

13. Do you enjoy your job?
im actually in da middle ofkinda switching jobs so we'll see but i dont think i'll miss building walls :)

14. Is your current job what you went to school for? If you are still in school, what do you think your chances are you will get a job related to what you went to school for?
UM low but im a hard worker/ determined yall

15. Do you consider yourself good at your job? Better than your co-workers?

16. Do you see yourself in this same job 5 years from now?

17. If someone were to describe you in one word what would it be?

18. Would you describe yourself as attractive?

19. What is your general state of health?

20. Do you have any outstanding medical conditions? Do you take a prescription for anything

21. Do you exercise on a regular basis?
lol no

22. Do you watch what you eat?
a lil i have a v high metabolism and amtaking advantage of not havin 2 drink lite beers

23. Do you take vitamins?
no :(

24. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist/psychologist?

25. Would you say you have a temper?
yeh but only under certain circumstances

26. Do you get embroiled in drama frequently? Do you get pulled into other people’s drama?
umm yeh but im friends wit drama queens

27. How often do you find yourself being a mediator between people?
plenty of times

28. Would you say you procrastinate often?
sometimes! i dont like 2 but sometimes i just do

29. How much do you consider yourself a forgiving person?

30. Do you tackle your problems head on?
uh hhh no lol

31. Have you done any body alternations related to anime (ex: dye hair, tattoo, etc.)?
dyed hair blue on da tips n i want those big contacts @_@

32. Have you ever taken up something (ex: martial arts) because of anime?
no hehe

33. Have you tried to learn Japanese?
i'veonly picked up some words from watchin anime but bc i watch naruto da most i mainly only know ninjutsu words T_T

34. Has anime ever helped you?
yeh it makes me happy!!!

35. Name an anime character that is most like yourself.
prolly konata from lucky star

36. What is the anime character you admire the most? Why?
umm i think jiraiya from naruto when he died i cried ok he was a v brave / caring character n he died tryin 2 help his village!!!!!

37. Has your anime fandom ever been an obstacle in your life?


1. What was the first anime you saw? Did you know it was anime at the time? Would you still watch that anime today?
speed racer! and no! and no!

2. Do you pay attention to anime directors and who directs what you watch? Who is your favorite anime director?
nope i dont!

3. Do you consider being called an otaku a badge of honor or an insult?
neither i guess

4. Would you be more or less inclined to be friends with someone who called themselves an otaku? Would you be more or less inclined to date someone who called themselves an otaku?
i guess none of da above

5. Have you ever gotten into an argument over the use of the word otaku?

6. What is your opinion on lolita? shouta? yaoi? yuri? hentai?
ummm i guess its funny in a certain sense but ummm its just porn 2 me idc about it

7. How much anime do you own?
none!!! xcept cowboy bebop movie

8. Do you purchase anime without knowing more than what’s on the box?

9. Do you watch more anime than any other type of entertainment?

10. Do you watch raws?
no i dont understand japanese T_T

11. Do you watch fan-subs?
YES!!!!!!! thx 2 every1 who subs yall da bomb <3

12. Do you watch streaming anime?
yeh bc my internet is so slow and i cant really download torrents T_T

13. How likely are you to buy a show you’ve already watched?
i dont buy movies/tv

14. Have you ever downloaded to own (ex: iTunes, Funimation) anime?
uhhh illegally i guess

15. Ever downloaded anything you were too embarrassed to buy?
uh no

16. Have you been to a con? How many? How often?
no T_T

17. What is your opinion of cos-play? Have you cos-played? Ever been hit on while cos-playing? Ever cos-played outside a con?
OMG i want 2 so bad but really simple ones like chii

18. Have you ever done an absurd amount of research on someone from the industry? Tried to find them?

19. Ever participated in 4chan? Helped in online activity of the Anonymous? In real life?
-_- <(lol)

20. Do you leave the house with something anime related on your person (ex: cell phone strap/background, button, etc.)
yes bc i have my naruto stickers on my cell phone and my cell background is chii<3

21. Do you own anime related clothing?

22. Do you have something anime related at your office/workplace/locker?
uhh i dont have ne of these really

23. Does your religion effect your anime watching?

24. How much time do you spend at work doing something anime related?

25. Ever tried to get a job in the anime industry?

26. Have you ever gotten into an argument about anime? In real life? Did it get physical?
lil 1s wit hamilton about how i dont get y he doesnt like lucky star

27. What is your opinion of modern anime fandom?
its really interestin i guess i've grown up w/ it so idk

28. How has fandom changed since you started watching anime?
i feel like it gotten more acceptable socially /etc

29. What do you think is the future of anime fandom?

30. Do you think it is a fan’s duty to support the industry?
idk how 2 support!!!!!! i dont like reading manga really n i cant afford dvds

31. Have you ever bought or read doujinshi?
nooo hehe silly

32. Have you ever written or read fanfiction?
yes i read this cute one about hamtaro that was only like a page long but it made me lol

33. Have you ever been a shipper?
lmao maybe *blushes*

34. Have you ever watched an AMV? Made one?
yeh i think they funny

35. Have you ever written for an fanzine, magazine, or blog?

36. Have you ever been part of an anime club? An officer?
no idk if i could handle it really

37. Have ever participated in any other type of fan made activity?
ummm i guess like just readin blogs / post in forums

38. What do you think that fan made works contribute to the hobby as a whole?
i love it!!! its wut makes it interesting

39. Have you ever experienced anime burn out?

40. Do you quote anime? Have you ever quoted it to people who don’t watch anime?
yeh but no1 gets it -_-

41. What is a deal breaker for a show? (i.e. I can’t watch a show, no matter what, if it has A)
idk hmmm idk yet!!!

42. Is there any type of show you will always watch/give a chance?
yes!! cute moe stuff n_~

43. Are there any genres you won’t watch?
umm 2 sexy stuff

44. Do you still see yourself watching anime 10 years from now?

45. Why do you watch anime?
bc i love how i get so involved!!! i dont really like ne shows out right now, i love how it looks da culture n everything that goes wit it <3