this is stuff i wrote in 2007 LMAO fuk

feelin so empty tonight
took some laxatives
i don't feel so good
im feelin empty tonight


all aboardddddddddddd da nerd brigaide
welcome ABOREDE bon vayage aribderci
go 2 da dining cart........................sit down...have a choco frog...and tea....
hogwarts express!!!! undress in da express. dont mess
with my train brain
prefects SUCK IT
they will hassle u, like a tassle on da carpet that is on da floor of dumbledores office
wot a whore bore
wot for!!!!!!
cho chang wot a whore bore not puttin out....xcept for cedric dickory
she needs 2 put out
find out da ~*~*SECRETS~*~*~ of the sorcerers stone
da sound of voldemort!!!!! he has a wart
a magical wart
when u kiss it
it turns u into a DEMENTORRRRRRRRRRRRR sex slave
dig ur own grave! agave nectar is a sweetener u can substititute instead of neville cuz he is sweet
WE LOVE NEVILLE!! WOOOOOooooooooooooooooo
we put out 4 neville,
olivander olivandal
talk about da prophecy, and wot it means 2 me
lets talk about all da ghood things and the bad things that may be
lets talk about prophecy
u tell me urs i'll tell u mine
deep in da mine of gringots
mind mine mind mine
diagon alley, hexagon octagonal alley
nocturn alley, dats our hood
fat lot of good harry potter does
wot a brat he just wants da fameeeeeee
its just a gameeeeee
2 him

(we also have a spanish translation of dis song LMAO need 2 find me singin this somewhere)
hey hey lets all take a heat nap
hey hey lets all get sweaty
HUuuuuuuh lets all breath heavy
hey hey get down get down get down ownnnnn
put back on ur crown
easy rhymes are easy easy rhymes are easy easy rhymes are eassssy
hey hey lets all take a heat nap
and ur hair sticks 2 ur back bone
peal it off and it leaves a markkkkkk
heat naps dont happen on accident
its a plan!
its a plan!!!!!
huuuuuuuuuuuuh lets all breath heavy
lets all smear jelly down our fronts eat some sandwhiches
lets all get jolly
huihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lets all take a heat nap
zip up ur sleeping bag zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

(this is where heatnap comes from b/c one time i took a nap at summer camp in my sleeping bag and SOMEONE turned on da heater ps i was in west texas in july its like 110 degrees wanted 2 die)


i willl loveee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
until my dieingggggggggggggg dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
i willll love you
until my dieinggggggg dayyyy

my typing musical

first we had sex then we go 2 know each otha

(OMG i was a sick puppy!!!!!!!!!!!)
5 dollar
5 dollar fooot longggg

i only took 5 dollars out
of my bank account
i cant account for everything
except that foot long
i ate the entire thing